274 – Loud as a Megaphone!


Music and Interview with the band from Orlando, Florida – Megaphone ! You might remember Megaphone from way back on episode 27 – where I played their song, Stain – I finally bring them on the show!

From their bio: “Fornthe hard rock quartet megaphone, the mission has been simple: Savingnrock n’ roll from the machine, and bringing it back to where it shouldnbe – loud, catchy and in your face. That they’re succeeding with thatnmission is obvious; a huge draw in their native Orlando, Florida,nextensive radio play, gigs opening for arena headliners and festivalnappearances. And with their new album, Exit Silent Mode,nfilled to the brim with unforgettable hooks, melodies and songs,nmegaphone is poised to take everything about their band to the next level.”

I think you’ll agree that this quartet rocks – with catchy lyrics and great riffs, they’re a band that should be playing nationwide!!

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : 274 – Loud as a Megaphone!

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