#265 – CoHost, but Please Do Not Fight!

I recorded this episode a little different – It wasn’t done in a car, it wasn’t done on BounceRadio.net, but it was done with a co-host!  The co-host is 3 of the 4 members of Please Do Not Fight !

In addition to talking about what they’ve been up to since I last talked with them in March of 2008 , we discuss their latest EP, “Move” , as well as their future plans!

 We also talk about the following sites/topics:

San Fran Skateboarder gets arrested by calling officer a fucking dick

As discussed on The Big Show , California Man wants to save marriage by making divorce illegal

  Matthew Ebel’ s innovative way of distributing his music

We also play tracks from their new EP, “Move”, and also a track from one of their favorite bands in the San Fran area, Finish Ticket !

Be sure to check out Please Do Not Fight ‘s latest EP, “Move” at their Bandcamp site !

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #265 – CoHost, but Please Do Not Fight!

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