Maybe I’m all messed up

Okay – this is my last podcast… ever… Hope you like the final one! Feel free to let me know if ya do or not..

I decided to fill it with 6 Karaoke songs from my favorite bar out in Wyandotte – I thought it would be a good send off… plus you get to hear a song sung by yours truly too…


As much as I’m sure you’d like it, this isn’t my last podcast… 😉 I have no intentions of stopping now!!

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i will take my place – in the great below

Hey – guess what! I’ve got podcast #7 up! Be sure to check it out, and i’m interested to know how the volume levels sound. It’s strange, when i’m playing it on my PC, it’s VERY loud. But when I play it on my iRiver, it’s quiet… what the hell? Anyone have any ideas?

Anyways, schek it out! 😉

Also, I encourage you to download a RSS aggregator (such as ipodder, doppler, or others) and SUBSCRIBE to my feed, that way you won’t have to wait for me to post to the blog! 😉

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all of my excuses turn to lies or maybe God will cover up his eyes

Podcast? We don’t need no stinkin’ podcast! Ummm.. yeah. Seriously, I’ve been trying to knock out another podcast, but have been way too busy. Now I’ve got tons of material, but no time to compile it. I’ve got 3+ hours of audio to edit up from the soundseeing tour of the Detroit Science Center – Where Trent and I went yesterday… plus karaoke from Saturday… ugh. Gonna try to do some tomorrow, as tonight’s the NIN ‘With Teeth’ listening party! Not gonna miss that! Any chance to hear the new CD a month in advance works for me! 🙂

So, be patient, I’ll have another podcast soon…. I hope…

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I now know the depths i reach are limitless

I’m just on a roll… no, actually I wanted to get one more podcast out before the weekend – got a busy weekend planned, so probably won’t have time to do another until next week!!


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Please take this and run far away

Podcast #5 – The Music podcast is out – Enjoy the 4 songs I’m playing for ya – sorry if the sound is a little screwy, i’m still learning MixCast Live!

Comments are always welcome! Let me know what ya think! 🙂

Voice mail me at : 206-666-4644

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Every time i get hot you wanna cool down

#4 podcast is out – get it now, while it lasts!

Featuring Detroit music: Germ, Melting Pit, and xNihlo

Also, I’ve got a skype user for the podcast – zaldor_world – Add me, and if zaldor_world is online, i’m recording! But beware, if ya call me, you could be on the podcast!!

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I want to watch it come down

Ok, my last podcast I said that I probably wouldn’t have another one for a few more days – but decided to make another one sooner than that! And this is 1/2 the length and size! Who says length/size doesn’t matter?

So here’s Zaldor’s World #2!

This podcast takes you on the journey from work to picking up Trent, and dinner with Trent… And I close with the song Kirk McFee said he liked the most of all his songs, Purple Room. Enjoy!

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You say you hungry – I give you meat

Hey! Guess what? I made my first “Official” Podcast! Yes, that’s right – It’s done… It’s huge, and it’s long – but it’s worth listening to it all – The first half or so I share my thoughts while I travel from work, to the gym, to wallyball with co-workers, and then to Karaoke – where the 2nd half has interviews from the bar, bad karaoke (including yours truly with comments from Jim :P)….

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the first OFFICIAL Zaldor’s World Podcast…

Again, if you want to subscribe to my podcasts, be sure to click this!

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the me that you know he doesn’t come around much – that part of me isn’t here anymore

Real quick – before I leave for work… after work last night, and after my workout, I went out and bought a digital voice recorder… and let me tell you, it’s gonna be fun! I must have recorded about 2 hours worth of raw stuff, now this weekend I’ll be condensing it into 5-10 minutes, just to give all of the world a little sample of what they might expect on Zaldor’s Podcast… I plan on it being a combination of mobile stuff (interviews, music, stuff – out on the road), and just banter… it should be interesting and entertaining… So stay tuned, I’ll try to get the Podcast prequel (?) out by the end of the weekend!

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Hey God, why are you doing this to me?

Ok, so i’m becoming addicted to podcasts… I’m even thinking about doing one myself. Can’t say it would have the caliper of some of the ones I’ve heard (Adam Curry, Matt @ Digital Detroit Radio, The Bitterest Pill, and more) but that’s not what it’s about… it’s about getting your voice, your thoughts, your emotions, and more out there… And I’ve got a good idea too for my podcast… but you’ll have to wait for that one…

I wanna make it something that people will wanna come back and hear the next podcast (if I do one!) …

And if you don’t know what a podcast is – well, think of an audio version of a blog, add music, add sound effects – and more… that’s pretty much it. But it’s more personal than a blog, IMHO.

So stay tuned to Zaldor’s World – Zaldor’s Podcast may be coming to a PC (or Mac) near you real soon… 🙂

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