#354 – Zaldor’s Weekend of mishaps!

Yes, it was a crazy, but fun weekend!  Hear all about it, and some great music too!

Music From:

Big Mess
Christina Novelli
Dead Mans Crossing

Also stuff from Jason @ Tucker Tales, Olin Ezra, and the Country Co Worker!

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #354 – Zaldor’s Weekend of mishaps!

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4 thoughts on “#354 – Zaldor’s Weekend of mishaps!”

  1. Big Mess sounds wonderful! I also liked the song by Dead Man Crossing.

    Sorry to hear about your mishaps that involved your car. What a series of unfortunate events!

  2. Yeah, Big Mess Rocks!
    What kind of mic do you use in your car to record? That’s dangerous by the way… lol

  3. LOL Jim – yeah, I know it’s dangerous, especially reaching in the back seat of the car while driving to get the Big Mess CD!! I use a Zoom H2 to record in the car, same rig that I use for remote interviews! I should have shown it to ya when we were camping, I had it with me there!

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