#319 – Live from The Bowery with Emmitt!

Live show done at the Bowery bar in Canton Michigan with my friend Emmitt Muckles (who co-hosts the Emmitt & Rick Show!)! Special guest appearance by Jory!

Music from:

Robots In The Garden
Lemon James
The Orbitsuns

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #319 – Live from The Bowery with Emmitt!

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One thought on “#319 – Live from The Bowery with Emmitt!”

  1. I like it when podcasters change up the format of their shows every once in a while. This was a fun episode to listen to, and it was nice to hear from Emmett Muckles again.

    I wasn’t really into most of the music in this show, but I did dig the song by Lemon James.

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