#222 – Return To Industrial

This episode’s been bubbling in my brain ever since Aaron sent me a copy of his new CD, ‘A Transmission of Data In The Static’ – which I start this episode off with a great song from that CD – and continue along the industrial genre…

Music from:

Blind With Rain
46Bliss (found via Ariel Publicity)
Hate In The Machine

Podcast mentioned:

The Big show – I’m guest cohosting on latest episode!

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#221 – A little music, a little rambling – all fun!

Look! I told ya I’d be on a regular schedule this year, and so far i’m keeping that promise! 2009 will not be like 2008, many more episodes to come!

This episode is full of music and my ramblings – so hold on tight!

Music from:

Miranda Vettrus
Kelly Richey
Show Me The Skyline
Officer Roseland

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#220 – Interview with The Bolts!

The country co worker reminded me that It’s been a little while since I’ve done an interview with a great interview with a band! So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to put out the interview that I did with a band when they were in Detroit about a month ago, The Bolts!

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