First 2 items!

Ok – today and yesterday I received my first two review items for BlogCritics – one is a book on digital photography, the other is a music cd from an indie artist in New York – I’ll have them up soon!!!

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Yes, I actually do have a real life.

Ok, I’m still around – and planning on putting more fun filled information on this site – just been a busy week or so!

I wanna give a big THANK YOU out to my awesome friend Marti down in Oklahoma for sending me some great stuff today! She sent me nifty stuff with the company she works for logo on it! Very cool stuff – I love logo things! ๐Ÿ™‚

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What a week

Ok, so this week has been quite an interesting one… Starts of by Ronald Regan passing away, then Ray Charles… And to end the week, one 0f my favorite local bands, Freakstar, calls it quits. Man, I hope the next week turns out better entertainment wise!

Yeah, I know I promised to do a few music reviews, and I still am evaluating the music… Add more: Velvet Revolver, and The Darkness… Ugh, will I ever get them done?!

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RIAA, you have GOT to be kidding!

Ok, I just found this on a Beta news site I visit often ( and I just had to post something about it… The wonderful people at that fine organization – yes, I’m referring to the RIAA… Well, they have this awesome idea for beating music piracy once and for all… They are going to make a music player that records your fingerprints when you use it – and only lets you play your music – and won’t allow copied music! Come on RIAA, you’re going to invest millions of dollars into this technology, why?? You could do better by lowering your prices – stop spending all this money trying to fight the “war” and embrace it instead! Nah, that would be way too easy – it’s more fun for them to treat americans like they are mindless sheep and will pay outrageous prices for mediocre music… Is that really what it’s coming to? Someone please give the RIAA a clue.

(Also posted to Blogcritics)

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Music snippets

Ok, still listening to the music I mentioned the other day – So far I’m really diggin’ the Big And Rich CD, and the new Lonestar is very good… Kimberly Locke’s CD is a great one too, that would sound great on shuffle with Clay Aiken!

More later!

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Music, music, music!

Got a ton of good music to listen to recently, i’ll probably put some reviews up of them later this week (both here and BlogCritics) Here’s what I’ve been listening to: Lonestar: “Lets Be Us Again”, Kimberly Locke: “One Love”, Big and Rich: “Horse of a different color”, George Michael: “Patience”, Lenny Kravitz: “Baptism”, Jet: “Get Born”…. Whew, quite a bit of music, and much of it is great stuff!!! I’ll give my opinions later!

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Today we don’t know
Who we are
Ashamed, hiding behind the scars
Too many times
We let the things we feel
Get in the way of letting us
Heal the wounds
That open in the dark
Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever taste clouds?
Did you ever touch space?
Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever truly live?

So walk, in time
To life’s refrain
Relax, don’t do it
To yourself again
Decaying yourself with
All the love you won’t give
Killing yourself about the way
You don’t live now
‘Cause you’re not
Gonna live forever

Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever taste clouds?
Did you ever touch space?
Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever truly live?

Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever breathe hope?
Did you ever
Dance with grace?
Did you ever feel
Sunlight on your face?
Did you ever truly live?

Natalie Imbruglia – Sunlight

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American Idol Season 3 is a wrap!

Ok, so I watched the results show of American Idol… Sorta… Kinda off and on… Anyways, I disagree with the judges, I didn’t think this season (what little I watched of it) was that great – and I didn’t think that Dianna was good at all… Fantasia is good, though she sounds a lot like Macy Grey, but i’m sure she’s heard that before… at least she doesn’t have the huge hair like Macy!! I think of the 2 finalists, the one that should have won, won… Unlike last season – where Clay should have won…

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RIAA on the rampage again

Yeah yeah yeah – the RIAA thinks they can sue people into stopping sharing music. They just slapped lawsuits on almost 500 more swappers. And the funny part, most of them will settle out of court for a mere fraction of the actual “fee”, paying only about $3,000 for their swapping of music on the internet. So the big bad RIAA trys to bully around the public, and the swapping will decrease for a couple months… Then it’ll go right back up. What exactly does this solve? Not a damn thing. The only thing it does, is fills the pocketbooks of the lawyers… And isn’t that where you really want the money for music to go? I’ve said it for years, the money should go directly to the artist! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 – Give all the damn money to the person(s) who wrote, sung, performed, and composed the music… Then make it up to the artist to decide how much the managers get, the promotion people, the record company… But no, we have to make the artist get the least amount of the profit (if any) thanks to this wonderful group called the RIAA. And who is involved with the RIAA? The record companies, of course!! Makes perfect sense… doesn’t it?

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More Shrek 2 Stuff

Just found this article on the net (via SlashDot) about the behind the scenes stuff that Dreamworks Animation did for Shrek 2 – very interesting stuff. They’re getting better and better at imitating real life. When Pixar’s “The Incredibles” comes out this fall, you’ll see even better advances in how animation is looking more and more like real life – and it’s probably scaring the hell outta the real life actors too!!

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Karaoke – the REAL american Idol

Yes, the final performance of American Idol was tonight, and I really didn’t care to watch. Why? Just didn’t catch my interest like it did last year – Instead I headed out to the local bar and sung a few tunes myself – And I did quite well, I might add. In fact, everyone that was at the bar that sung did a great job, it was a night filled with great local talent. Karaoke is a lost art, I’m sure – but seems like the bars still keep filling up for people to sing good songs, horrible songs, and totally off key songs. None were like that tonight, one guy even did Ray Stevens “The Streak” and it sounded like Ray was actually there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Me? I sung “The Freshmen”, “What was I thinkin'”, and “Amazed”… Someday I’ll record my work, and put it somewhere… If you’ve never sung Karaoke in your life, give it a try one time – it won’t hurt… Ya never know, you might like it. Plus even if the first time is off-key, practice makes perfect. I’ve came a long way in the last year or two, and it shows.

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