Episode 508 – TPOH and Odds!

Recorded after Maria and I went to London, Ontario to see The Pursuit of Happiness and The Odds at London Music hall! Includes interview with David Reed, Co-owner of Forked River Brewing which created a special IPA for the show: “The Pursuit of Hoppiness!”

Music From:
The Odds
The Pursuit Of Happiness

Check out:
Forked River Brewing

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#310 – Interview with Candy Rose

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!  


This episode is a great interview I did with singer/songwriter from London, England – Candy Rose!  Her style of music is similar to Madonna, Alicia Keys, and she takes influence from Michael Jackson as well as the Foo Fighters!  Very good interview, worth the listen!


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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #310 – Interview with Candy Rose

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