#327 – Woman vocals to sooth your tax day

Helping you soothe your tax day (if you’re in the USA) with some female vocals!  

Also discuss the Stanley Cup Finals and a possible showdown with UCRadio‘s LA Kings??

Thanks Again to Whoo Hoo Nick for the comment!

Music From:

Cathy JJ
Sara Haze (Myspace)

The Kut
HellaDonna (Myspace)

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #327 – Woman vocals to sooth your tax day

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One thought on “#327 – Woman vocals to sooth your tax day”

  1. In regards to Woohoo Nick’s comment: I’m not offended by the April Fool’s Day episode. I just can’t listen to the car crash sounds, especially the screeching tires, without instantly remembering the car crash I was in, in more detail than I would have liked. I acknowledge that the acting in that episode was superb. It’s just not my thing. I can understand where people may be offended by that episode. Personally, I am not offended.

    Great music in this episode! 😀

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