#210 – Picnic with the co-workers!

This was a fun episode!

This past Friday, we had a picnic with the other coworkers from my department – and wouldn’t you know it, the country co-worker showed up! So I decided to do a show with the country co-worker, and then Freaky co-worker showed up and put his 2 cents in! But that’s not all! A new addition, the Canadian Coworker joins in about 1/2 way through, and it makes up for an interesting show of various genres of music! Trust me, you want to listen to this one all the way through!

Music From:

Sean Patrick McGraw
Nine Inch Nails

Main Gaddi Aap Chalawan Ga Billo De GharAbrar – Ul – Haq
“Billo De Ghar” (mp3)
from “Main Gaddi Aap Chalawan Ga Billo De Ghar”

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Bloodline FlatlineMidget Loco, Ms. Krazie
“The Loco and the Loca (feat. Ms. Krazie)” (mp3)
from “Bloodline Flatline”
(Urban Kings Music)

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Episode #209 – The Return with Industrial!

Believe it or not, i’m back! Yes, how many times have I said that? Well, i’m back and i’m putting out a new podcast – and guess what, there are no interviews in it either! Decided to give you a break from the interviews, and put out a podcast with just me – talking about what I’ve been up to, and playing some great industrial music!!

Music from:

Lizette &

Post Death Soundtrack
Lucid Dementia

If you are really missing me, go to BounceRadio – I’m there every Monday and Tuesday evenings – LIVE!!!

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