OK, Please Do Not Fight – Episode #199 is here!

Please Do Not Fight

This is a very cool interview that I did with Zen Zenith, Erin, and Beau from the band Please Do Not Fight

They’re currently on tour in the north west of the USA, check them out if you’re up that way, and tell them you heard ’em on Zaldor’s World!

Please Do Not FightMySpaceBlog

Also – the episode 200 extravaganza is going to happen LIVE on Ustream on April 6th at 9pm ET! Mark your calendars, add me to your skype (zaldor_one) if you want to call in!

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#198 – A Trip down memory lane…

Hard to believe that i’m almost to 200 episodes!

In this episode, I decided to take a trip back and look at some artists that I played on Zaldor’s World in the past and see how they’re doing today!

This episode was also broadcast live via Ustream.tv – which I hope to be doing for episode #200 soon! Go to http://www.ustream.tv and sign up so you can see the show live, and if you want to call in, my Skype ID is ZALDOR_ONE !

Music Played:

Lennon (First Played on episode #60!)
The Transfer (First Played on episode #27)
Ray Street Park (First Played on episode #10)
The Beggars (Never before played on Zaldor’s World?! You can hear interview with them on IR:Detroit#9)
Munk (First Played on episode #98)
Lizette& (First Played on episode #48)
Larry Dane

Voice Mails from:

Country Co-Worker
Country Cousin
Freaky Co-worker
Larry Dane

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Getting the creativity juices flowing again…


Thanks to Ed Roberts for sharing this great post from CC Chapman (of Accident Hash) via Google Reader!  This really hit things on the head for me, as lately i’ve been struggling with creativity.  I need to find a way to spark the creativity more often and bring it back to the forefront.

A few things that I find that do spark the creativity for me:

  • – Spending time with my son, Trent, doing fun things
    • (video games, for example)
  • – Listening to music
  • – Playing video games alone or online (which reminds me, I now have a computer that will let me play Neverwinter Nights 2!)
  • – Writing blog posts
  • – Photography (something i’d like to do even more of)
  • – Podcasting
  • – Walking/working out while listening to mp3 player cranked up as loud as possible
  • – Web page programming, computer building, learning linux

These are just a few of things that pop in my head and I hope to do more of in the future, especially now that the weather is finally warming up! The problem is, I haven’t done much of the above lately – and I can tell the difference!

Many people tend to the importance of exercising your muscles, but not many talk about exercising your creativity… This is something that should be just as important as regular exercise, as without creativity, your mind tends to become mush… at least that’s what happens to me.

Also, while I was looking for an image for this post, I stumbled upon this great LifeHack post about rejuvenating your creativity!

So I’m taking this inspiration from CC‘s post as my “kick in the ass” and going to work on starting up exercising my creativity!!

Thanks again to Ed and CC!

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#197 – Stars Go Dim

Thanks to everyone for checking out the show – I hope you enjoy this great interview that I did with Joey Avalos of the band Stars Go Dim!

This episode features 2 songs from Stars Go Dim, as well as one song from an artist they help manage, Casey Frazier.

If you enjoyed Stars Go Dim’s music, be sure to vote for them in the FameCast.com contest – they’re in the top 10 and have a good chance of winning!

Also, thanks to the anonymous caller with the voice mail about The Dreaming interview! Glad you enjoyed it, and hope that you and others will see The Dreaming when they come near you – well worth the money!

Promos in podcast:

UC Radio – Jeff Healey Tribute show
Music Remyx

Check out the video and vote for Stars Go Dim at FameCast.com!

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#196 – The 3 Year Anniversary!!!

Yes, as of today, i’ve been podcasting for 3 full years! I may have stalled, but have no plans of stopping! Hang in there with me, and you’ll have a great time!

This episode features 6 great songs, 2 from Australia, 2 from New York City, 1 from Denmark, and one from Alabama!!

Also contains a couple voice mails, one from a new listener – The Count’y Cock Jerker! You’ll just have to listen… 😉

If you like my interviews, check out DigiVegas Podcast for more great interviews with musicians/bands!

Bands Played on this show:

Granny Flats
Jac Dalton
Farewell Redemption (Podsafe Music Network Link)
Ingrid Michaelson (Podsafe Music Network Link)
Mark Hvilstead
Rev Bubba D Liverance and The Cornholes

Other links:

DigiVegas Podcast
Uncle Bonehead Podcast

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New NIN!?!?!

New show soon, I promise! I just couldn’t wait to share this with you all!

Last night at the Beggars, Cetan Clawson Revolution, Bang Camaro show I got a text message from my good friend James at the Minutes After Midnight podcast – and he told me that there is a new NIN cd out!! It’s all instrumentals, and Trent is releasing it as a free download, or you can buy it for $5, $10, $75, or $300 for signed and vinyl copies! This is an incredible move by Trent, and i’m sure it will shake up the music industry even more! I’ll be buying my copy tonight!!!

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