#191 – Annual Anti-Christmas episode!

It’s that time of year again, time for the anti-christmas episode of Zaldor’s World! This year, I’m bringing 7 songs that you normally won’t hear around this time of year!

Thanks to Mark & Mike from Pacific Coast Hellway for the ID

Music From:

The Mydols
Dwarves (C/O Plan Nine Print Rock Show)
Joel Kopischke
Mikey Mason (C/O Good Beer Show)
RaykoKRB (C/O Binary Star Musicast)

Also, here’s the link to the article I mentioned at the end of the show – 5 Things To Do if you aren’t celebrating christmas

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#190 – Top of the World!

It’s that time again, time for another top of the world mix! This episode is a bunch of genres mixed together, with some karaoke tunes thrown in for good measure… 🙂 Enjoy!

Special Thanks for Wander Wolf from Wander Radio for the awesome intro!!

ID from Lizette from Lizette&

Music From:

Jeff Coffey
S Apostrophe
Xray Dogs
Exceptional Edward
Mimic Of A Mind

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#189 – Detroit is a great city!!

Back again for a great episode of news and music! 5 great songs, 2 country co-worker voicemails, and me! What more could you ask for?

Thanks to Mike @ UC Radio Podshow for the intro! (Catch him also at Pacific Coast Hellway!)

Check out the interview with me on Detroit Creative Talent’s Podcast!

PodShow Christmas Show

Matthew Ebel’s Cd is OUT and it’s well worth the money! Check it out and order Goodbye Planet Earth!
Get it HERE at CD Baby!!

IDs from:

Brian Ibbott of Coverville – Check out his great cover story of ELO!

Amy of RedBoy Podcast

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Music From:

Michael Paul


The Idea

Rob Gough

Noel Miller

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