Episode #139 – Dreaming of Lennon in a Stormdrain of Chemlab Crud…

Okay, so the title is kinda freaky… But it’s the bands I played in this episode!!

These bands and my thoughts on strange way on pumping gas, billboards with nothing but URLs on them, and going indie or getting signed… All this and the songs from these great bands!

Music from:

The Dreaming
Lennon (Playing in Detroit on October 2nd!)
Stormdrain (partial of one song, listen for more info)

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Hoo Hoo Nick Podcast
Most People Are DJ’s
Digital Detroit Radio

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8mm – Songs To Love And Die By – Released 9/26!

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8mm is Sean and Juliette Bevan. Their names may not look familiar to you, but you may have heard the music that Sean has produced. He has been involved with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Thrice, and many other well-known bands. This husband and wife duo was formed while Sean was producing Kill Hanna’s For Never And Ever, and the band made the last minute request to add female backup vocals. It just so happened that Juliette stopped by the studio and was asked to help. She had never sung in front of Sean before, and everyone was floored by her sultry yet delicate voice. This was the inspiration for Sean to create this downtempo and trip-hop project, and 8mm was formed.

In 2004, 8mm quietly released their 6 song EP, Opener. The band’s down-tempo trip-hop with a dark, haunting, and seductive sound quickly generated a local underground buzz in Los Angeles, and attracted the attention of the LA Times, Internet word-of-mouth, and Nic Harcourt of KCRW who “Got 8mm and put it on the air the next day.”

2005 and 2006 were very busy for 8mm, which saw their popularity gain momentum with ranking in the Top 3 of MySpace in Downtempo and Trip-Hop, plays on many podcasts, as well as a nationwide tour which they booked with the help of their MySpace friends.

September 26th marks the long awaited release of their first full length CD, Songs to Love and Die By on the newly formed Curb Appeal Records. The CD features two of the songs from their Opener EP (“Never Enough”, “Give It Up”), and eight new songs.

Nine of the songs feature the beautiful voice of Juliette, which has been described as a cross between “Billie Holiday and Jessica Rabbit,” and the first track, “No Way Back” gives the listener a wonderful introduction to Juliette’s hypnotic voice.

As the songs progress, you will become more and more enthralled by the breathtaking voice of Juliette and the guitar groove that Sean produces. The first single, “Stunning,” could easily be featured on a movie soundtrack as the credits roll by. In fact, many of 8mm’s songs could be included in a movie soundtrack, they sound that good.

At track six, “Liar”, the music slows even more for a slight acoustic break where Juliette sings about someone who is lying about the love they once had.

The CD then continues the dark, yet beautiful down-tempo weave, leaving you with the final track, which is sung by both Sean and Juliette, “Forever and Ever Amen.” This song is slightly different than the other songs, with it’s piano instead of guitar, yet it still keeps the core 8mm feel. Keep listening to the end of the last song, there is an additional 11th track, which is strictly acoustic guitar with Sean and Juliette singing along about an adventure between heaven and hell.

As I stated earlier, 8mm has a huge following on MySpace, with even an official remix page featuring remixes of “Stunning,” and with more to come in the future.

I have enjoyed 8mm since I first heard them on a fellow Detroit Podcaster’s show, >Digital Detroit Radio. After listening to his show, I quickly bought the EP and looked forward to this full length, as well as a future tour. I have played 8mm’s songs on my own podcast, Zaldor’s World, as well and I was even fortunate enough to interview Sean and Juliette in April of 2006 for my podcast (Episode 102), when they played in Pontiac, Michigan. They are just as incredible and hypnotic live as they are on the CD, and they are the most friendliest people you could meet. This CD should expose their incredible songs to an even wider audience and give them the attention they so deserve. 8mm will be touring again in 2007, they’re well worth going to see if you enjoy their music, and feel free to say “Hi” to them and tell them how much you enjoy their music – They’d love to meet you!

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Episode 138 – Just rock on

Ok, so this podcast is a day late – Sorry about that! I got all worked up about the apple stuff over the weekend, I was too tired to do a podcast last night! Of course, I’m tired tonight too, but wanted to get one out… Hope you enjoy it!

Topics: Podcast Ready/MyPodder vs. Apple
Detroit Red Wings Vs. L.A. Kings (Wings will kick their ass!)
MixCast live replacement

Music Played:

Sean Altman
Uncle Seth – (Co-Written by John C. Havens)

Background music between songs from: DJ-X-Tech

Podcasts/sites Mentioned:

Confessions of a DJ
Podcasting at About.com

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Apple attempting to create own version of podcast? IPODCAST?

After reading this ZDNet blog, it almost looks as if the big white fruit (Apple) is attempting to rename podcasting as well. They’re looking to trademark “IPODCAST” as well as “IPOD”. Why would Apple be doing this? Perhaps to make it more known that Podcasts are more Apple than not? Would they then be changing iTunes to show “iPodcasts” instead of “Podcasts”? This would further confuse the consumer, INMHO. This would cause people to wonder… “I can listen to Podcasts on my Creative Zen – but I can’t listen to iPodcasts on it… I need an iPod.” Lets not even get into Creative’s attempt at doing this – the “ZenCast”…

This. Is. Rediculous.

Why can’t we all just get along and keep the name as it is, the big fruit gets their loose attachment to the Podcast name, and we keep it all as it is…?

I’m sure this will be a major topic of discussion at the Podcast Expo this weekend… I wish I were able to make it. Anyone want to fund the trip for me? I’m able to go, just don’t have the scratch… next year!!!!

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Apple is not the creator of PodCasting!!!

I know I don’t “blog” much like I do, but sometimes I think it’s necessary. This is one of those times. The audio portion of my podcasts are not searchable, at least not using Google, so Blogging gets stuff out so more non-listeners can read it.

Apple is once again threatening shows/products with cease and desist letters. The first did it with the podcatchers iPodder and iPodderX – those I could see as valid, since they use “iPod” in the name… well this time, it’s more about “POD” than “iPod”, and I think their legal team is running out of money or something… They’ve recently issued a C&D letter to Podcast Ready (a growing podcast catcher software that actually runs on the mp3 player!) This is crazy! Apple is claiming that “Podcast Ready” and “myPodder” infringe on their trademarks and cause confusion among customers. WHAT? The word podcast is enough to cause confusion among customers. Say it with me now… “You don’t need an iPod to listen to Podcasts!” If that isn’t confusing, I don’t know what is… I have been asked many times by people, “Don’t I need an iPod to listen?”… To which I reply, “of course not, you can use any mp3 player, your computer, even burn it to a cd and listen in your car!” Not sure if it wins listeners, but the public needs to be educated that “Podcast” does not equal “iPod needed-Cast”…

So what to do? We can fight the big fruit and stand up for a name which we created… Or we can change the name to one which is less like a piece of hardware and more geared to what it really is.

Leo Laporte, of TWiT fame, has made the suggestion to change the name to ‘NetCast’, which is a good name, but still implys that you listen over the internet – which isn’t completely true. while you do need a internet connection, you don’t need that to listen. In fact, the future might mean you can use a portable listening device with WiFi support to download the mp3s… Would that be, WiFiCasts? No… I think we need something more general.

On my business cards, which do hand out to the people who ask if they need an iPod, I give a general definition of a Podcast:

“Noun: a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program. Made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio player or via stream download directly from a web site”

How much general can you be?

How about making the name into “AudCast” for audio recordings, and “VidCast” for Video recordings? Quick, descriptive, and concise. No confusing customers, no thinking you need a specific piece of hardware – clear cut.

I think this would make the future much more clear for all of us, and would get the big white fruit off our backs for good… Of course, a change like this will take cooperation… and time. But it may be what needs to be done to make this medium blow up to the rest of the world…

For more info… Check out Digg, Netscape (another), Cruel To Be Kind blog, Mmeiser Blog, and Geek News Central


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Ep137 – Captain, we need more titles!

It’s that time again… yes, time for a podcast from Detroit that sucks. The podcast that George Bush won’t listen to, and Dick DeVos loves to hate… This podcast has residents in Detroit screaming because their ears are bleeding…

Why would you want to listen? Or rather… why not??

Music played:

Three Man

Podcasts/sites mentioned:

Digital Detroit Radio
UC Radio Podshow
7th Son Pod-Novel

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Ep136 – Rock out the monday morning blues!

Hey – Guess what! It’s another music packed episode of Zaldor’s World! Ok, it’s not as packed as the last episode, but the rock in these tunes makes up for it! Check ’em out!

Music Played:


Sites/Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJs

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Episode 135 – The Emo Returns!

It’s a song packed show – amazing that I got so many great songs in one episode, but it happened!

Music, Comments, and some more of my ramblings… What more could you ask for???

Music from:

Panic! At The Disco
Fall Out Boy
Rookie Of The Year
Escape The Fate

Podcasts Mentioned:

Wander Radio
UC Radio Podshow
Podsafe Music Network

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Ep.134 – Dedicated to 9-11-01

This episode is dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives due to the unnecessary attacks on the twin towers of the world trade center on September 11, 2001. May we never forget – but never fear. I also go on a little “rant” about politics, the republican party, and how Osama will conveniently be caught right before the elections in 2008….

Music played:

John Wailing

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Maybe I should pay someone to hold a sign in the street?

Hey ! Guess what? It’s another episode of Zaldor’s World!

This episode features 2 great local bands/artists – and 2 not from Detroit!

I even give some deep thoughts too… 😉

Music PLayed:

Mary Abraham
Rachel Zamsteen

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Shelly’s Podcast (Voice for intro of episode!)
Digital Detroit Radio
Confessions of A DJ
Building The Pod
Detroit Podcasters Network
AMP (Association of Music Podcasters)

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Do I really need a title?

Another episode of Zaldor’s world – recorded from my new house in the metro-detroit area! I also experimented with the setup too, I think it turned out pretty good – what do you think?

Music Played:

X-Ray Dogs

Podcasts Mentioned:

UC Radio Podshow
Confessions of A DJ

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