Acoustic for your soul

This weekend, I’ll be leaving Detroit and heading up for the annual camping trip on the Rifle River – So…For this episode, I thought I’d play some songs which would be like what I’ll be experiencing this weekend while camping. On Friday and Saturday night, we do open acoustic jams by the fire – and I’ll be recording as much as possible to share with you! So, this episode features acoustic songs, or near acoustic… Enjoy!!

Music Played:

Vince Smith
Joe Staples
The Dreaming

Sites Mentioned:

Zee And Zed
Detroit Podcasters Network
Association of Music Podcasters (AMP)

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Zaldor’s World Goes Country!

This is quite the train wreck – and I don’t mean the Clerks 2 Train Wrecks that I just finished watching (it’s a great movie, btw – go see it!) – I mean that I got my “country co-worker” in his truck, picked out 4 country songs, and we talked about country stuff in bad country accents… There’s no country accents in Detroit!! lol Anyways, enjoy the episode – it won’t happen often!!

Music Played:

Skyla Spencer
Doc Bates
Brick Daniels
Leland Martin (Asperon Records)

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Mike Got Spiked On Zaldor’s World

Episode 121 – Featuring a great band that I was introduced to last Thursday at Modern Exchange in Southgate, Mike Got Spiked

Music played – 6 great songs all from Mike Got Spiked

Be sure to check them out at a local club near you – they just arrived in United States, and will be here touring the entire USA for a full year – you must check them out!!

Podcasts/Sites mentioned:

Smart Bomb Radio Podcast
AMP (Association Of Music Podcasters)
Detroit Podcasters Network

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The women have returned!

Episode 120 features 4 great songs with female singers!! A few voice mails A story on how I woke up the neighborhood – A great local Detroit band – And some motorcycles… yes, I said motorcycles!

Music Played:

Planet Of Women
Sophia Ramos
Amazon Blonde

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Confessions of a DJ Podcast
Rubber Room Radio
Detroit Podcasters Network
AMP (Association Of Music Podcasters)

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Don’t be emo, be happy!

Episode 119 – The ‘Emo’ Episode… Just driving in my car, thought I’d get out some Emo & Rock tunes to you – Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to The Rules Podcast for the awesome intro!

Music Played:

Patent Pending
Berlington (Formerly Trouble With Ferguson)
Five Star Fall (Formerly ‘Fluid’)
Breathing Underwater

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Episode 118 – Return of Banshee!

That’s right, this episode features my girlfriend, Elizabeth again! I had her pick out 3 or 4 songs off the Podsafe Music Network and we did a show together!

WARNING: Explicit language contained in this show, expecially near the end!

Music Played (in the order they were played, because we messed up one or two!):

New Bomb Turks
The Dragons
Matchbook Romance
The Joykillers

Sites/Podcasts mentioned:

St. Claire Shores Radio
Audio Gumshoe
Urban Dictionary (Merkin) (Weenis)

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Episode 117 – Happy 4th of July !

The year is half over, Zaldor’s World is bringing you another song packed explosion for this 4th of July celebration, and George W, Bush is still president. Go figure.

Music from:

Feable Wiener
Sean Ensign
Otto Vector

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Save The Internet
The Podaholics
The Podcast Morons (Les is on Episode #8)
Detroit Podcasters Network
Association of Music Podcasting (AMP)

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