Episode 107 – Perfect Summer

This episode features a great local band that is also performing this weekend at Berts On Broadway, Perfect Summer!

Also some crazy recordings taken from a mini-going away party for Anthony (who I had on episode 95)! His last day working with me is Friday, May 26th – it’ll be sad to see him go ! 🙁

Music Played:

Perfect Summer – Little Boys
The Ropes – Kill Her Off
Beth Thornley – Mr. Lovely

Podcasts/Sites mentioned:

Nate And Di
We Can And We Must Live

If you’re in Detroit, don’t forget to see Perfect Summer and Sonic Disturbance downtown at Berts On Broadway – ElectrOrganism: Reconnect! Also, check out the Detroit Electronic Music Festival which is also downtown!

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Episode 106 – Sonic Disturbance

This episode features another great interview from the April 16th show at Clutch Cargos with Joe of Sonic Disturbance!

Sponsored by Veggie Soy Candles!

Musc Played:

Sonic Disturbance – Tall Order
Angry Red Planet – Kicked In The Head
Arthur Loves Plastic – Queen Of The World

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Big Show Radio
The Manly Geek Show
Spiff!! (Finally!!)
The Weakest Beat Podcast
The First Cut – Great for classic electronic pop!
Industrial Radio

This Weekend in Detroit!!!
Detroit Electronic Music Festival
Berts On Broadway – ElectrOrganism: Reconnect

As always – thanks to Libsyn for the hosting of my mp3s!

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Episode 105 – Zaldor’s Industrial World

Sorry for the delay!

Sponsored by Veggie Soy Candles!

This episode features the interview I had with NOT_Digital from the 8mm show on April 16th!

CDBaby & Super D sign exclusive distribution agreement

Music From:

NOT_Digital – and Dreaming Of…
Cheri Arnett / Blind With Rain – Telepathy
Sister Machine Gun – Smash Your Radio

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New show soon

Hey – Don’t think I have forgotten about you! I was almost ready to record a show tonight, but had a minor video card computer crisis here. All is well, but I’ll be recording the show tomorrow – hope to have it up late on Friday night! Episode 105 will feature the interview with Not_Digital as well as 2 other great industrial tracks! It’s the return of the Industrial Zaldor’s World!

BTW, to the spammer that’s been hitting my blog with a ton of messages: Give it up, WP catches every single one. LOL

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Calling ALL Musicians!!

If you make any kind of music, regardless if it’s what I play or not – you must read this article about Dymystifying Podcasting!! It gives you a good view of podcasting, why you should be submitting your songs, and what benefits you will have by the incredible marketing platform of podcasting. I urge you – no, I demand that you read this article!!

Also, if you do submit your music to a podsafe repository, please let me know! I’ll be happy to promote you and your music to other podcasts, as well as my own!

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Episode 104 – State Of Being interview!

Warning – beginning 2 minutes not work or family safe, but VERY funny!!

Sorry it runs a little long, probably one of the longest episodes I’ve done in a while, but I had a lot to say!

Interview with State of Being as well as music from:

State of Being – Haywire
The Proper Authorities – The Way Back
Oppera – I’m In Love With Someone Else

Podcasts mentioned:

7th Son Podiobook
Seeds of The Machina podiobook
Infection podiobook

UC Radio Podshow
Deliberate Noise
Rubyfruit Radio
Most People Are DJs
Digital Detroit Radio

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Interview with Chiasm – Episode 103!

Welcome back for another invasion of your ears from Zaldor’s World! This episode features not one, but two interviews! The first of which is from another band I interviewed from the 8mm show last month, Chiasm. The other interview is more of a impromptu one, I managed to interview Spiff on our way to lunch today!

So, enjoy the interviews and music from:

Chiasm – Chosen Fate
Dead Girls Corp. – Sell Your Soul
Spiff – Pressure

Podcasts Metioned:

SpartacusRoosevelt Podcast
Seeds of The Machina

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8mm Interview and more – #102

Starting this episode, I’ll be sharing the interviews I did from the 8mm show in Pontiac on April 16th. This episode features Sean and Juliette – 8mm. I also play music from 2 other artists found at MagnaTune records

Music from:

8mm – No Way Back (from new CD: Songs to Love and Die By)
Emma’s Mini – Blue Glove (Also found at Magnatune)
Artemis – Inception (Also found at Magnatune)

Podcasts mentioned:

Most People are DJ’s
Deliberate Noise

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The Invasion has begun – Welcome to Episode 101

After a week away, I bring to you the new Zaldor’s World – Prepare to be invaded!

(Sponsored in part by: Veggie Soy Candles!)

Music By:

Frank Klepacki

Blame Amy

Podcasts Mentioned:

Digital Detroit Radio
Collected Comics Library
7th Son Podcast – Incredible Podiobook! Must listen if you enjoy Sci Fi!!!!!!

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