Episode 77 – Live at Brick 3 show

Recorded live at The Brick 3 show at the Emerald Theater in Mt. Clemens Michigan – it’s Zaldor’s World Podcast, episode #77!

Featuring Music and interviews by:

Liquid Reality
Critical Bill

And Interviews with:
G-Man of Zug Island
Detroit Choppers
American Inks
Brian Schram of the Brian Schram Band

Other Bands Mentioned:
Motown Rage

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First 76th Episode!

It’s the 76th Episode of Zaldor’s World – Where I have more great music and interviews! This episode has an interview with Bad Boy Plague as well as a song by the same band! I’ve also included an interview with Empty Canvas too!

Don’t forget to take part in the “podcast payback” from bill!
And lets not forget the great music from Black Adam!

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My “dream” from 3 years ago, is coming true

With podcasting, things I talked about back in 2003 are finally becoming possible:

“The question is, of those 150+ cds I bought, how much money went to the actual artist who made the music? Probably not much. So here’s my thought – what if next time you download mp3s of a good song, album, whatever – you give that money DIRECTLY to the artist? Maybe via mail, pay-pal account, in person, western union, whatever way you can. That way – it circumvents the RIAA, the marketing companies, etc. Any thoughts?? I think it’s a great idea… Imagine people giving money to the artists who hit the drums of a great drum solo via a pay-pal account set up for him?”

The tide is changing, and podcasting is leading the way… Many independant artists are being heard all over the globe because of podcasting, and it’s possible that we could see the first music artist played on a podcast sell over 1 million records… all due to podcast play!!

If’ you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out on the next wave in radio – Better than terrestrial radio, better than Satelite radio – and you can even create your own podcast to join in on the fun!

So check out podcasts at my site (Zaldor’s World), AMP, Podcast Pickle , Detroit Podcasters Network, Podcast Outlaws, PodNova, Odeo , and others!

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Episode 75 – It’s Stephanie’s show!

Ok, some days you just don’t feel like being around… this was one of them, so I gave the show and podcast to Stephanie!

See how Stephanie does, and the reinforcements she calls in…

Music From:
Made of Fiction – Anemo
Pause, but don’t Stop – Chance
Lullaby – Gidgets Ga Ga

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Episode 74!

It’s episode number #74, even more interviews from great local bands in Detroit!

On my way to the Brick 3 show in Mt. Clemens, I share my thoughts on the upcoming SuperBowl in Detroit, and play interviews and music from Krescent 4 and Sunday After!

Music From:

Cling – Krescent 4
Gasoline – Sunday After

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Episode #73 – Interview with Abandon and JettaRed

It’s another awesome episode!!

Another episode recorded while checking out the recording of The Detroit Pod Show in Roseville, MI!
I’m also sharing my interviews with: Abandon and JettaRed

Music Played:
Unreality – Abandon
Strange Love – JettaRed

Bands Mentioned:

Other Links:
Continental Lanes
The Detroit Pod Show
Plan Nine Pod Show
Industrial Radio

Hey, while you’re here – why not toss me a vote at Podcast Alley? It only takes about 2 minutes and would help my show!

(Thanks for Matt @ DDR and Kaflooey

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Episode #72 – Live @ The Detroit Pod Show

It’s another great episode – This (and the next too) time I’m checking out the recording of The Detroit Pod Show in Roseville, MI! I’m also sharing my interviews with: Ray Street Park and Crud from their show back in November! Sorry for the delays!

Music Played:
Mouth – Ray Street Park
Meat Detonation – Crud

Bands Mentioned:
Thirteen Thirty Six
Fourty Lashes

Other Links:
Continental Lanes
The Detroit Pod Show

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Episode #71 – Interview with Gidgets Ga Ga!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2006 – The year of the podcast!

This Episode I finally produce the long awaited interview with Mickey from Gidgets Ga Ga!

Music Played:

Dreamer by Gidgets Ga Ga

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