Episode #70 – Happy New Year!

It’s probably the last Zaldor’s World of 2005! Happy New Year!

This episode, I interview a great band, Mindsight! I also play music by the band, and music from Broken Sunday and Vince Smith! Be sure to leave a comment about the show on my voice mail (206-666-4644) or web!

Music from:

Broken Sunday
Vince Smith

Podcasts Promoed/Mentioned:
PodCheck Review
High Potency Music Podcast
Detroit Podshow

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What can you get Zaldor for Christmas?

You can get this!

8 feet long – and all for $31k! The best part is all proceeds are tax deductable as they’re going to Habitat For Humanity!

Hurry! Auction ends on 12/24 at 12:44pm Pacific! 😉

8ft long Lego Starcruiser!

Email me if you want my shipping address 😉

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Episode 69 – Christmas Episode!

Merry Christmas everyone! This is the first annual christmas episode of Zaldor’s World – and I play some great christmas tunes for you!

Music Played:
Gigets Ga Ga
The Sterilles
Heth And Jed
The Rad Dudes

Podcasts Mentioned/Promoed:
Most People Are DJs
Podcheck Review
The Audio Collective

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Episode #68 – W/Lapidus

Check out this episode!

Heading to the Gig w/Lapidus, and you’re coming with me! I interview most of the band (George, Jerry, Randy) and give my thoughts on the future of the band! And I play 2 great songs!

Music Played:
Bad Boy Plague

Check out the band Lapidus

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Episode #67 – Live in Minneapolis with Brother Big Bad!!

UPDATE: Cleaned up the audio to remove most of the hiss, and brought up the volume too

Check this out! Very last minute interview AND performance with Brother Big Bad! Dj, Andy, and Matt – These guys are great! Lyrics, sound, personality – it’s all here! Check out this incredible interview and live performance done in the lobby of my hotel here in Minneapolis!

Music from:
Brother Big Bad
Songs: Insecurity, 14Days, Unforgivable

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Ep# 66 – Minneapolis music!

As promised, another exciting episode from Minneapolis! Featuring 2 great Minneapolis bands!

Music Played:
Brother Big Bad

Heading back to Michigan tomorrow night!

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Live from Minneapolis – Episode #65

I’m here – In Minneapolis – and let me tell you, it was an adventure getting here! Glad that I made it, but didn’t get everything that I wanted when I got here! Oh well, at least my podcasting stuff made it! 😉

Music Played:

J.D. Thomas
Francis Jocky

And Stephanie came with me to Minneapolis too!

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