Episode 47 – Interview with Moe Berg from The Pursuit Of Happiness!

Episode # 47 – Exclusive Interview with Moe Berg of The

Pursuit of Happiness!

It’s the long awaited interview with Moe, the lead singer of The Pursuit of Happiness! I really
appreciate Moe taking the time to interview with me, and I hope we can do it again in the future!

Moe and I talked about the beginnings of TPOH, and what’s in the future for TPOH! With a possible tour?!

Songs Played:

‘2 Girls In One’ from ‘One Sided Story’
‘Nobody But Me’ (Live) from ‘The Downward Road’
‘Gretzky Rocks’ (Live) from ‘Where’s The Bone’

Bands Mentioned by Moe (Those without links, if you have – feel free to send and I’ll update!):

The Graves
Paul Westerberg
Todd Rundgren
The Smithereens
Myacle Brah
Daughters (“I Slept With the Daughters and All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me”)

The Damnwells
High Speed Scene
Hazy Janes
The Matrix (producer)

Southern Bitch
Nine Black Alps
The Sharonas
Fancey (Daytime Driver)

Post Stardom Depression

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Fourty Six!

It’s Episode #46!
Update on the Moe Berg interview, music and more!

Music Played:
The Pursuit of Happiness
De La Vega

3 More shows until the big 50th episode!

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Record your own karaoke online !

Just found a cool way of recording your karaoke versions online… ksolo.com – I just signed up for the 7 day free trial (should have waited until after midnight, as I’m down to 6 days now!) and I did a couple recordings – you can have a listen here!

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Episode #45 has arrived!

It’s episode #45 ! The crazy Podcast Outlaws reunion!

Music Played:

Broken Sunday
Giget’s Ga Ga
Amanda Sena

My crazy weekend (Karaoke, Band gigs)
Conference call with Aaron & Jen from the Big Show and Redboy/Matt from Redboy Podcast

4 More shows until the big 50 episode!!

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Episode #44 – 6 more until 50!!

Finally! Another podcast from Zaldor’s World – Sharing with you another great tune from the banks of the rifle river at the end of July from Das (Jerry)

Also played:

Tara Lee Cobble

Man beaten by his prosthetic leg
Peter Jennings dies

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Performances from the River – Friday night

PodcastHere it is, Episode # 43 – the Friday night performance from the Riverview Campgrounds! Sorry about the vocal problems, but hang in there it gets better!

More performances from the Saturday nite show on episode # 44 later this week!

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What a great weekend!!

Just uploaded new photos to my Flickr page – check out some of the pics I took from Camping from the weekend – as ya can see, we had a great time!!

Of course, check out my son playing with my mixer – podcaster in training:

Flickr Badge

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