Detroit Podcasters are cool!

Live from the 3rd Detroit Podcaster Meetup!!

Featuring the newest member, Mike P!
Music from:

The Pursuit of Happiness (Live)

Discussions of:

Favorite Bands
Favorite Podcasts

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Conference call with the outlaws!

Episode #33! I share a conference call that I had with 2 other Podcast Outlaws (Aaron and Redboy) and throw in some great pod-safe music too!

Sorry for the length and the sound quality, but it’s worth it!

Music Featured:

The Banana Convention (The Telephone Song)
Planeside (2 Messages)
Liquid Motor Commission (Magic)
The Slats (Another Physical Reaction)


The Big Show (Aaron’s Podcast)
Redboy Podcast (Matt’s Podcast)
Podcast Outlaws
Michelle Trachtenberg (Eurotrip)
Lindsay Lohan (Herbie: Fully Loaded)

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It’s that time again… Episode 32!

Episode #32 – Music and talk with my good friend Randy about Batman, Music, and bad drivers!

Music from:

Stephanie Richards

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It’s been a little while…

It’s been a little while, sorry for the delay! Here’s Episode 31 – with some Karaoke! 😉



Everything – Grinder

NIN Announces tour dates!

This is way cool – better than I had hoped! NIN just announced the fall US tour dates, and they’re coming to Detroit (of course) on October 8th and playing at Joe Louis Arena!! Much better (IMHO) than the Palace… Queens of the Stone Age are opening up for NIN… also very cool! As soon as tix go on sale… I’m buyin’ floor! 😉

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Stuff Happens!

Interesting happenings… Just got a call from Randy about the gig audition from Monday, we got the gig! But it’s not until December! Well, it’s better than not getting it!!

Also, went out to the pool today, Trent’s swimming and I thought I’d try to see if my laptop would stretch out to the pool… and behold! I am typing this poolside… very cool. Damn wireless is great 🙂

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The first gig audition!

It’s finally here! Podcast #30 where I take along my iRiver and podcast the first gig audition for the band i’m working with! Listen to this and the music of:

Tara Leigh Cobble
The Pursuit of Happiness

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It’s a bike Podcast!!

Episode #29 – Trent and I take a bike trip!

Recorded the show with the iRiver during our bike trip to the school playground about 1 mile from home – also added in a few songs for your listening enjoyment!

Also – it’s the beginning of the month again, please take a few moments and toss me a vote at Podcast Alley! I’d appreciate it – and also vote for your other favorite podcasts too!!

Music from:

Brother Love
Night Hour
Robert J. Safuto

FYI – won’t hear/see much from us until after the weekend, going camping this weekend, and Tiger game on Sunday!! Of course, I’ll be podcasting as much as possible!! 🙂

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