#239 – The Car-cast returns!

I’ve been thinking about doing these again for a little while, and this morning I decided to just do it – so I returned to recording a podcast while driving to and from work!

I didn’t know the music I would be playing beforehand, I’m a little out of practice with the car-casts, but I did find some great industrial/EBM music to include that I hope ya enjoy!

By the way, the voicemail at the beginning – I have no idea who that was, it wasn’t the country co-worker, I asked him! So if it was you, let me know!

A few links I mentioned:

TWIT w/Leo LaPorte
ASCAP Pushing the royalties limit on ringtones?
The Olin Ezra Show
Seasons After

Music From:

Latent Anxiety
The Unravelling
Bank Heist
Nine Inch Nails
Blind With Rain

Special thanks to my friend Logan for his insightful ironic words at the end 🙂

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