#320 – What a Novel Idea! (@thenovelideas)

This episode features an interview with Daniel from The Novel Ideas – This is a great band that I found similar to Please Do Not Fight, and I think you’ll enjoy them too!   You can download their entire album, The Sky is A Field from their web site – FOR FREE!  Check it out!

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #320 – What a Novel Idea!

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#300 – Over 150 Hours and going strong!!

Episode 300 is here, that means my 40th birthday is RIGHT around the corner! Eeeek!

 Thanks to all that have listened, and thanks to all that sent in comments:

Country CoWorker
Judy & Erk from ErkPod
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Freaky Coworker
Joey Walkabout

Music from:

Chance & The Choir
The Dreaming
Devil’s Gift
Please Do Not Fight

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #300 – Over 150 Hours and going strong!!

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#265 – CoHost, but Please Do Not Fight!

I recorded this episode a little different – It wasn’t done in a car, it wasn’t done on BounceRadio.net, but it was done with a co-host!  The co-host is 3 of the 4 members of Please Do Not Fight !

In addition to talking about what they’ve been up to since I last talked with them in March of 2008 , we discuss their latest EP, “Move” , as well as their future plans!

 We also talk about the following sites/topics:

San Fran Skateboarder gets arrested by calling officer a fucking dick

As discussed on The Big Show , California Man wants to save marriage by making divorce illegal

  Matthew Ebel’ s innovative way of distributing his music

We also play tracks from their new EP, “Move”, and also a track from one of their favorite bands in the San Fran area, Finish Ticket !

Be sure to check out Please Do Not Fight ‘s latest EP, “Move” at their Bandcamp site !

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #265 – CoHost, but Please Do Not Fight!

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