#334 – Endless Metal Dubbing with Andy Rehfeldt!

Another great interview episode for you – this time with award winning composer and metal dubbing extrodinare, Andy Rehfeldt of Endless Noise!   Andy has some great Youtube videos that you must check out – especially if you like the song at the very end of the show!

Music from:

Andy RehfeldtEndless Noise

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #334 – Endless Metal Dubbing with Andy Rehfeldt!

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#294 – Rock, Rap, & Rolling along

Music that’s a little harder than normal, this episode brings some hard rock as well as some rap-rock on the show!

Man Drives Bugatti into marsh

73 yr old Man Wrecks 10 exotic cars!

Music from:

Five Foot Thick

CirclesFive Foot Thick
“Sex” (mp3)
from “Circles”
(Eclipse Records, inc.)

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Rath – (Unable to find web site!)

Sex Slaves

Wasted AngelSex Slaves
“Sssssay What?” (mp3)
from “Wasted Angel”
(Loch Ness Records)

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #294 – Rock, Rap, & Rolling along

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#240 – Seasons After

Seasons After

This interview was a great one to do – I drove 3 hours for it, and it was worth it!

Seasons After is a metal band from Wichita, Kansas – these guys know how to rock and are well worth checking out live! Seasons After is a five piece Rock/Metal band from the Air Capital of Wichita, KS that was formed in late 2006. Their sound, blending guitar and vocal harmonies, has been classified by some as nu-Metal with old school roots. Seasons After readily agrees with this, claiming influences
such as Iron Maiden, Tesla, Faith No More, and Sevendust to name a few.

The CD, Through Tomorrow, is available NOW (Amazon) and if you like Metal that melts your face off in a melodic way, this is a great CD for it! I love how Seasons After can go from a great melody right into a scream and back – and pull it off flawlessly!

The interview was done outside of Peabody’s in Cleveland, OH on July 3rd, 2009!

Music From:

Seasons After

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#235 – Interview with SNEW (@SNEW)

This is the first interview of Zaldor’s World Interview Invasion week – and I’m kicking things off with a metal/rock bang!

This interview is with Curtis of SNEW, a great rock/metal band from Hollywood, California that is ready to take on the world! Their style is similar to AC/DC, Jackyl, Warrant, Poison, Van Halen, and more! Curtis and I had a great conversation and looking forward to meeting him in person when he makes it to Detroit Rock City!

SNEW is coming to your town this summer!

Be sure to get their album, “SNEW YOU!” from their site @ Snewyou.com !

Oh and… SNEW YOU!!!

This interview was first broadcast on my LIVE show on BounceRadio.net – You can listen to me on Mondays 7p-10p ET and Tues 6p-8p ET – I am scheduling many more interviews and that will be the place to hear them FIRST!

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