#368 – J-punch and Dave Moonshine

Interview with J-Punch & Dave Moonshine and 3 of their great techno/house songs from their album ‘Stick Figure Guy’

Check out the video we talk about in the interview which has slow motion bullets and has their music featured in


Music from:

J-punch and Dave Moonshine

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #368 – J-punch and Dave Moonshine

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#355 – 8mm returns to the world!

I first had 8mm on the show back in 2006 on episode #102 – now 253 episodes later, they’re back to talkabout their new EP, Love and The Apocalypse, and their plans for an upcoming tour!


8mm is now a trio of Sean Beavan, Juliette Beavan, and Jon Nicholson – they have just released their latest EP, Love And The Apocalypse which I recently reviewed on Blogcritics.org


Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #355 – 8mm returns to the world!

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#331 – Red Wings go on to round 2!

Red Wings comments galore! Music from great artists around the globe, and my son checks in too!  Country Coworker gives his recap of the end of round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, how did Red Wings and LA Kings do?? Hmm Mike @ UC Radio?

Music From:

The August Infinity
Highway Blonde
Twelve After
and a strange video that my son let me listen to, and now I can’t get out of my head!

And yes, at the end you hear the in person meeting of Olin Ezra and The Country Coworker!!

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #331 – Red Wings go on to round 2!

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#301 – Interview with All Girls Boys Choir


This Episode features an interview with Alicia and Marlene of The All Girl Boys Choir!   Their band is a combination of rock-a-billy, blues, rock & roll, and more – I think you’ll dig what these girls are putting together!


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Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #301 – Interview with All Girls Boys Choir

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#251 – Interview with Shattered Atom (@shatteredatom)

Bringing you more interviews than you can shake a stick at, here is another great one with an up and coming band from the L.A. area – Shattered Atom

Shattered Atom

They have a great sound similar to The Killers and Coldplay – but with their own unique twist that shatters definition! I think you’ll enjoy this interview that I did with Jeremy, Kelsey, and Troy from Shattered Atom!

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