Episode #73 – Interview with Abandon and JettaRed

It’s another awesome episode!!

Another episode recorded while checking out the recording of The Detroit Pod Show in Roseville, MI!
I’m also sharing my interviews with: Abandon and JettaRed

Music Played:
Unreality – Abandon
Strange Love – JettaRed

Bands Mentioned:

Other Links:
Continental Lanes
The Detroit Pod Show
Plan Nine Pod Show
Industrial Radio

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(Thanks for Matt @ DDR and Kaflooey

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Episode #72 – Live @ The Detroit Pod Show

It’s another great episode – This (and the next too) time I’m checking out the recording of The Detroit Pod Show in Roseville, MI! I’m also sharing my interviews with: Ray Street Park and Crud from their show back in November! Sorry for the delays!

Music Played:
Mouth – Ray Street Park
Meat Detonation – Crud

Bands Mentioned:
Thirteen Thirty Six
Fourty Lashes

Other Links:
Continental Lanes
The Detroit Pod Show

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Episode #70 – Happy New Year!

It’s probably the last Zaldor’s World of 2005! Happy New Year!

This episode, I interview a great band, Mindsight! I also play music by the band, and music from Broken Sunday and Vince Smith! Be sure to leave a comment about the show on my voice mail (206-666-4644) or web!

Music from:

Broken Sunday
Vince Smith

Podcasts Promoed/Mentioned:
PodCheck Review
High Potency Music Podcast
Detroit Podshow

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Episode #67 – Live in Minneapolis with Brother Big Bad!!

UPDATE: Cleaned up the audio to remove most of the hiss, and brought up the volume too

Check this out! Very last minute interview AND performance with Brother Big Bad! Dj, Andy, and Matt – These guys are great! Lyrics, sound, personality – it’s all here! Check out this incredible interview and live performance done in the lobby of my hotel here in Minneapolis!

Music from:
Brother Big Bad
Songs: Insecurity, 14Days, Unforgivable

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Episode #61 – Interview With Lennon

It’s a special episode at Zaldor’s World! I interview the artist I played in my last episode, Lennon!

It was a pleasure to talk to her, and I also included two great songs within the interview (My Beautiful w/Travis Meeks, and Poison)

If you enjoy her music, be sure to check out her web site and buy her albums – they’re both great!!

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Episode 47 – Interview with Moe Berg from The Pursuit Of Happiness!

Episode # 47 – Exclusive Interview with Moe Berg of The

Pursuit of Happiness!

It’s the long awaited interview with Moe, the lead singer of The Pursuit of Happiness! I really
appreciate Moe taking the time to interview with me, and I hope we can do it again in the future!

Moe and I talked about the beginnings of TPOH, and what’s in the future for TPOH! With a possible tour?!

Songs Played:

‘2 Girls In One’ from ‘One Sided Story’
‘Nobody But Me’ (Live) from ‘The Downward Road’
‘Gretzky Rocks’ (Live) from ‘Where’s The Bone’

Bands Mentioned by Moe (Those without links, if you have – feel free to send and I’ll update!):

The Graves
Paul Westerberg
Todd Rundgren
The Smithereens
Myacle Brah
Daughters (“I Slept With the Daughters and All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me”)

The Damnwells
High Speed Scene
Hazy Janes
The Matrix (producer)

Southern Bitch
Nine Black Alps
The Sharonas
Fancey (Daytime Driver)

Post Stardom Depression

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My nightmare’s everywhere but inside

Episode #17 – Live From the Detroit Motor City Music Conference!

This episode features a sound seeing tour of the Trade show floor – All the sounds, a little mini talk with Ron from MediaRica, and the guys from
Broken Sunday!

More interviews and music in next podcast!

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I’ll cross my heart i’ll hope to die

Subscribing has it’s advantages… I posted these podcasts yesterday, you’d be listening to them already!

Live from the Motor City Music Conference in Detroit – It’s Zaldor’s World #15!

This episode, I interview 2 bands, and feature the music from a great singer/songwriter!


Broken Sunday



Zaldor’s World #16!

Another live broadcast from Motor City Music Conference in Detroit Michigan!

Interviews with:

The Slats

More to come today – Interviews, sound seeing, and more music!

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You say you hungry – I give you meat

Hey! Guess what? I made my first “Official” Podcast! Yes, that’s right – It’s done… It’s huge, and it’s long – but it’s worth listening to it all – The first half or so I share my thoughts while I travel from work, to the gym, to wallyball with co-workers, and then to Karaoke – where the 2nd half has interviews from the bar, bad karaoke (including yours truly with comments from Jim :P)….

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the first OFFICIAL Zaldor’s World Podcast…

Again, if you want to subscribe to my podcasts, be sure to click this!

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