#298 – Heard it in the limo, and rocking Detroit!

Music from Detroit – as well as conversations heard in the limo ride on the way to the reception of the wedding I was in!!

 Sites/Shows mentioned:

Blast From The Past podcast

Emmett Muckles/ Muckles Entertainment

Music Played:

Electric Six

The Beggars


The Nice Device

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #298 – Heard it in the limo, and rocking Detroit!

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1 comment so far

  1. Jen from Inside My Head December 17, 2009 11:01 PM

    I really enjoyed listening to the conversation you had with Emmett Muckles. You guys rock!

    The part where you played what was recorded in the limo was funny. I love listening to those kind of “you are there” types of podcasting.

    The song by Crud was awesome! Really liked that one.

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