#280 – Love Live The Podcast

It’s day 5 of NaPodPoMo – and i’m going to rock things up a little, the interview with Gen yesterday got me pumped and I thought i’d play a tune from the band that’s opening up for them, Sex Slaves! Then I found a band that sounds a lot like Rob Zombie, and for good reason – the guitarist of Scum Of The Earth, plays for Rob Zombie!

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Music from:

Sex Slaves

Wasted AngelSex Slaves
“Long Live The Dead” (mp3)
from “Wasted Angel”
(Loch Ness Records)

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Scum Of The Earth

Sleaze FreakScum Of The Earth

“Bombshell From Hell” (mp3)
from “Sleaze Freak”
(Eclipse Records, inc.)

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #280 – Love Live The Podcast

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