#188 – Acoustic from all over the world!

I recorded this after I did episode #13 of Insomnia Radio:Detroit and thought I’d carry over one of the artists I played in that show to this one too! Then it kinda snowballed into an all (or mostly) acoustic show for you to relax after eating all the turkey dinner on Thursday of this week!


Music Played:

Rachanee (Myspace)
Rachel McGoye (Myspace)
Mike Gibbons (Myspace t)
Linda Smith
Strangers In Wonderland (Podsafe Music Network)

Podcasts Mentioned:

UC Radio Podshow
Insomnia Radio:Detroit

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One thought on “#188 – Acoustic from all over the world!”

  1. Are you telling me I 2 weeks to write and produce a top of the world…
    Where are my country coworker bumpers….

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