Apple attempting to create own version of podcast? IPODCAST?

After reading this ZDNet blog, it almost looks as if the big white fruit (Apple) is attempting to rename podcasting as well. They’re looking to trademark “IPODCAST” as well as “IPOD”. Why would Apple be doing this? Perhaps to make it more known that Podcasts are more Apple than not? Would they then be changing iTunes to show “iPodcasts” instead of “Podcasts”? This would further confuse the consumer, INMHO. This would cause people to wonder… “I can listen to Podcasts on my Creative Zen – but I can’t listen to iPodcasts on it… I need an iPod.” Lets not even get into Creative’s attempt at doing this – the “ZenCast”…

This. Is. Rediculous.

Why can’t we all just get along and keep the name as it is, the big fruit gets their loose attachment to the Podcast name, and we keep it all as it is…?

I’m sure this will be a major topic of discussion at the Podcast Expo this weekend… I wish I were able to make it. Anyone want to fund the trip for me? I’m able to go, just don’t have the scratch… next year!!!!

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One thought on “Apple attempting to create own version of podcast? IPODCAST?”

  1. Agreed. Apple can only cause itself harm by biting the millions of hands that feed them.

    By the way, I came here from your post on the PodCamp Q&A board. I’m hosting the PodCamp Pittsburgh in November. If you’re interested in seeing one firsthand, feel free to register and come down. Perhaps it’ll spark some ideas for your own.

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