Welcome Detroit Free Press readers!

If you found me via the Detroit Free Press article
You’ve reached one of the great podcasters in the Detroit metro area, and a proud member (and co-founder) of The Detroit Podcasters network

I’ve been podcasting exactly one year as of March 10th, and have produced 84 episodes in my first year of podcasting. I have interviewed over 30 bands/musicians, and plan on doing much more in the coming year – you’re just in time for the excitement that lies ahead!

I hope you enjoy what you hear and read – feel free to listen to past episodes, including my interviews with many local and national bands!
Also, please take a moment to drop me a comment on my voice mail at 206-666-4644 or send me an email at zaldor AT gmail.com!

If you’re new to podcasting, I encourage you to read the tutorials at Podcast 411, they’ll give you a good understanding on how to listen to podcasts – and explain that you don’t need an iPod to listen!

One more thing! Please stop by the other great Detroit Podcasters, they deserve recognition too (In no particular order):

Digital Detroit Radio,
Most People Are DJs,
Collected Comics Library
Deliberate Noise,
BadGals Radio
The Buddy Culver Show,
Audio Collective,
Plan Nine Rock Show,
The Detroit PodShow,
Practically Happy
High Potency Music Podcast,
Industrial Radio

And More at The Detroit Podcasters Network!

If you want to subscribe to all the DPN podcasts – you can use your favorite Podcast aggregator and point it to this feed: http://www.detroitpodcasters.net/modules/weblinks/rss.php
Thanks for listening!!

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