Smoking and Sickness don’t mix

Well, i’m fighting a mild cold… so didn’t do too much over the weekend with Trent… But we did go do some bowling on Saturday afternoon – a new league that he signed up for… it was fun! I broke 100 on all three games (total of 350 combined) – and Trent improved every game too! I got some cute pictures of him too, perhaps I’ll load ’em up someday… lol

Anyways, today after I took Trent back to his mom’s, I went to band practice – and I shouldn’t have… I thought I was almost over this cold, but the smoke didn’t help one damn bit. Coughing and all… ugh… Wish I could get away from it all – but my love is music, and until bars drop smoking (not likely), I’ll have to live with smelling like smoke after singing Karaoke or checking out a live band… Ugh. Also sucks that many of the people I love and care about smoke… And I don’t like sounding like a nag (?) by telling them to stop…. Maybe someday they will… it’s not gonna change the way I feel about them…. Damn addictions…

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One thought on “Smoking and Sickness don’t mix”

  1. I believe that most bars on the Left Coast have stopped smoking…maybe one day others will follow suit…I wouldn’t hold my breath though!

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