Updates? We don’t need no stinkin’ updates!

Ran into an old email friend last night at a bar out in Wyandotte – he’s actually a good friend of the Karaoke host, who’s also a good friend of mine… He ran into my site a year or so ago while looking for info on Jim (the karaoke host, and former lead singer of Melting Pit/IVPlay) , and we emailed back and forth for a bit… haven’t heard anything from him for a while, then after I sang one time he came up to me and said “You must be Zaldor!” – And he told me who he was and all… then he wondered why I haven’t updated this site much… well… been busy!! LOL Seriously…

So it was good to put a face to the name, and he’s a good singer too!

And what is exactly up with my Karaoke career? Well, i’m doing mostly country songs, and being told each night how good I sound… now if I could just find a band that wants to do both country and rock songs, I’d be set… lol

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