Here I am!

Alright, so it’s been unusually long since I’ve put a damn thing in here… and it doesn’t seem like I’m gonna be putting much entertainment stuff like I wanted to… so what I’m going to do is revert this site back to kinda how it used to be… my thoughts, my happenings, etc… just not going to be exactly like before, but similar…

So what has Zaldor been up to? Well, today (and yesterday, and tomorrow) i’m in Ann Arbor for Training on new software for work… Pretty interesting stuff actually, this afternoon will be the meat and tomorrow will be more of that too… I’m in the same building I once worked in about 6 years ago, and doing a little catching up with old co-workers… pretty interesting to see that some people haven’t changed in 6 years, and some are still even at the same job… I guess some of my stuff that I implemented long ago is still in use today, hows that for a legacy… lol

Having a great time with my son, this past weekend we went to the Tiger game and checked out some cheezy life size board game exibit at a local mall – i’ll have pictures up sometime soon (I promise!)… I’m doing Karaoke almost 1-3 times a week, and I am even considering learning the guitar… I managed to get one from a friend a week ago, and I’m working on tuning it up – and learning. My goal is to be playing at the Musicians Guild camp outing next summer! My love life is kinda stagnant, and that’s how I really want it to be for a while… Yes, I’m dating – but taking my time, I’ve learned a lot in the past year – and putting those lessons to good use.

Lets seee…. My job, I’ll be working at the same place for almost 1 year, and seems to continue to get better (as I’m being trained this week to take on more responsibilities)… I need to get a new car soon, my current one is on it’s last leg…

That’s about it, tonight I’m going to take it easy – might pick up the guitar when I get home from training 🙂 Tomorrow I get to spend the evening with my son, looking forward to it – He’s in 1st grade now, and at a new school too – he seems to enjoy it, and I hope he’ll continue to do well in school!! 🙂

Also, I’m thinking about getting rid of my email address, or changing it – I’m getting way to much spam shit (about 300 spams a day!) – so if you want my addy, comment or email me at my soon to be old one:!

Hope to be posting a little more frequently here too… of course, that could change!

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