RIAA on the rampage again

Yeah yeah yeah – the RIAA thinks they can sue people into stopping sharing music. They just slapped lawsuits on almost 500 more swappers. And the funny part, most of them will settle out of court for a mere fraction of the actual “fee”, paying only about $3,000 for their swapping of music on the internet. So the big bad RIAA trys to bully around the public, and the swapping will decrease for a couple months… Then it’ll go right back up. What exactly does this solve? Not a damn thing. The only thing it does, is fills the pocketbooks of the lawyers… And isn’t that where you really want the money for music to go? I’ve said it for years, the money should go directly to the artist! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 – Give all the damn money to the person(s) who wrote, sung, performed, and composed the music… Then make it up to the artist to decide how much the managers get, the promotion people, the record company… But no, we have to make the artist get the least amount of the profit (if any) thanks to this wonderful group called the RIAA. And who is involved with the RIAA? The record companies, of course!! Makes perfect sense… doesn’t it?

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