Karaoke – the REAL american Idol

Yes, the final performance of American Idol was tonight, and I really didn’t care to watch. Why? Just didn’t catch my interest like it did last year – Instead I headed out to the local bar and sung a few tunes myself – And I did quite well, I might add. In fact, everyone that was at the bar that sung did a great job, it was a night filled with great local talent. Karaoke is a lost art, I’m sure – but seems like the bars still keep filling up for people to sing good songs, horrible songs, and totally off key songs. None were like that tonight, one guy even did Ray Stevens “The Streak” and it sounded like Ray was actually there! 🙂 Me? I sung “The Freshmen”, “What was I thinkin'”, and “Amazed”… Someday I’ll record my work, and put it somewhere… If you’ve never sung Karaoke in your life, give it a try one time – it won’t hurt… Ya never know, you might like it. Plus even if the first time is off-key, practice makes perfect. I’ve came a long way in the last year or two, and it shows.

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One thought on “Karaoke – the REAL american Idol”

  1. Yes, Les, you have come a long way! I enjoy watching you get better. You’ll be fronting a band in no time!

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